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:flame::flame::flame::flame: BIENVENU :flame::flame::flame::flame:

Welcome my dear´re now in a sacred place: The Eclessia Demens (the church of the insane) , or mostly known as THE CHURCH OF THE FRUIT LOOPS
Let me introduce´re now in presence of one of the most powerfull religious leaders in the world... Vlad Masters , the Pope of all the Fruit Loops

:flame::flame::flame: OUR PURPOSES :flame::flame::flame:

You´re wondering now, what i´m looking for, no? . Well...the main goals of my religion are:

1. Spread the fruit-loopism to all the world
(aka, have more and more faithfulls uhm... fans )
2. Show to the world the power and awesomeness of the fruit loops ( aka show the great art skills of our faithfulls -members- )

:flame::flame::flame: HOW TO CONVERT :flame::flame::flame:

Mmmmhhh….i can see that you´re interested now. Well...if you want join to my great and powerfull order, i´ll tell you then what i need you to do first.

:bulletred::pointr: Ok, before I can accept you into my selected group:

1. You should obbey my orders (follow the rules)

2. You should be a “Danny Phantom” follower AND of course, MY follower.

3. Done with 1 and 2? ok, then go to the option "JOIN"

4. You should put our order´s icon in your journal or any visible place in your frontpage (then we can attract more faithfulls )

:flame::flame: INITIATION (RULES) :flame::flame:

CONGRATULATIONS! You´re a member of one of the most powerfull religions in the world.

The great Pope Vlad Masters and their main faithfulls : the Nuncio Hordaks-Pupil and the Mother Superior VMenFangirl , give to you the welcome to the Church of the Fruit Loops

Now, as a new member of our congregation, you shall follow these commandments

1. We´ll ALLOW tributes (fics/fanarts) in ENGLISH AND/OR SPANISH , about Vlad Masters or another character of "Danny Phantom"

2. We WON´T ALLOW (in ANY circumstance, sorry) tributes (art works) about shounen-ai, yaoi, shojo-ai, yuri or any kind of slash so please, don´t insist.

3. ANY art work should be AGAINST our beloved leader, Vlad Masters (you can show funny or creative art, as long as it doesn´t show Vlad seriously hurt or death ).

4. If you wanna show your tributes to the other faithfulls , you just need go to the option CONTRIBUTE ART.... REMEMBER: plz, no slash.

5. You can invite other people to join us so... GO AND SPREAD THE FRUIT-LOOP´S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD!

6 . The MOST IMPORTANT: ENJOY BEING PART OF THE ECCLESIA FRUTSUS ORBIS!!! :D (the church of the fruit circle)

:iconbowplz: ALL OUR FAITHFULLS AND THEIR APPOINTMENTS: churchoffruitloops.deviantart.… -(welcome to the family my children) :iconbowplz:

:bulletred::pointr::spotlight-right: DEAR FAITHFULL :spotlight-left::pointl::bulletred:

If you have any question about the rules, my main faithfulls: the Nuncio Hordaks-Pupil and the Mother Superior VMenFangirl will be glad attend you :)

:flame::flame::flame: AFFILIATION :flame::flame::flame:

Is quite simple:
:bulletred: Just go to the option "AFFILIATE" , and tell us the name of your order (club) and why you just love our religion. Then we can add you to our affiliates

Doesn´t matter if your club is in spanish, our leader VLAD MASTERS will be glad of spread the fruit-loopism to all the languagues!
If your order isn´t just about "Danny Phantom" but you like join to our cause, tell us and we will talk about this with our leader ;)




:iconvladmastersplz::iconsaysplz:Here i introduce you my main faithfulls: the Nuncio Hordaks-Pupil and the Mother Superior VMenFangirl

If you have any question about me, the Pope (Vlad Masters) or any topic related with our religion, you can contact them to serve you: .

:bulletpurple:Hordaks-Pupil can answer your questions in ENGLISH.

:bulletred:VMenFangirl can answer your questions in ENGLISH or SPANISH.

:bulletpurple:Semiramis-Audron can answer your questions in ENGLISH or GERMAN.

So don´t be shy dear faithfull, they´ll be gentle with you, i promise.

Your Pope, Vlad Masters







Newest Members



 :iconfrenchplz: DON´T FORGET OUR RULES:iconfrenchplz:

:iconbowplz: ALL OUR FAITHFULLS AND THEIR APPOINTMENTS: (welcome to the family my children) :iconbowplz:

:iconsix-star-science:UPDATE :iconsix-star-science:

Hey dear church-fellows! :D It´s VMenFangirl, this time just to say that since the time for more entries is over and there are just a few... i agreed with our dear Pope that we`ll try to do them all :icondannylaplz: (he´s reading them in this moment... we need think how we`ll show them properly XD)... AND...surprise surprise! ... just cuz your enthusiasm in this lil request for the group (as you all can see, we are not dead...yet XD)... i decided to do another request DP related since is from this group... but send me a note and i´ll see if i can do another thing for you instead ;3 just for those who kindly helped us with the ideas for the seminary :D, that means: Hordaks-Pupil, Scintillant-H and PigenMedLeen so special congratulations to you dear fellows! :iconclappingplz:

That´s all by the moment, see ya and our Pope says that stay tunned for when our first seminary begins :D

See ya! VMenFangirl



Here is your Pope Vlad Masters.

I had a reunion with Hordaks-Pupil and VMenFangirl (my main followers, at mine and your service) and we´ve agreed that since i´m your beloved leader and one of my duties is to teach you how to be a good faithful (then make me be proud of you), i should make a call to you all for a very special seminary:

"How to use correctly your evil cape"

Uhm... the topic was inspired in this:… ...ahem, just in case you are so curious about that (of course is not your case, i know).

The main objective is to encourage you to participate in it since i want to show you how much i love all of you for follow me, my dear children... and your enthusiasm will be rewarded because i´m that benevolent.

So, what you need to do to attend this call properly?

Is quite simple, you just need comment in this journal 3 pros and 3 cons you think could be if you used a cape (an evil and awesome cape as mine of course).

The rules:

- Must be 3 pros and 3 cons, no more, no less
-Just one entry per faithful so be wise of what you´ll write
- You can´t copy others´ faithfuls pros/ creative i know you can do it!

What i´ll do to reward you?

- Well, since i´ll be the host of the seminary i decided to show by myself some of the pros and cons that you could have when you uses an evil and awesome cape as mine... so i´ll read all your suggestions and with the help of my main followers (Hordaks-Pupil and VMenFangirl) and the rest of the co-admins (if they want to help too)  i´ll decide which ones i´ll show in person during the seminary (the 5 funniest and creative pros/cons will be the winners). You can call it a free request that VMenFangirl will be glad to do for you, just cuz i´m that great and i want to spread some of my valuable teachings to more followers.

I don´t know if Hordaks-Pupil will add something more to the reward but i think that´s enough by the moment.  

When i´ll recall the seminary suggestions?

I´ll give you 3 days before i´ll take all your suggestions and make my decision, that means the deadline is this Saturday (August 3). So be creative dear children, and make me proud!

That´s all for now. Bless you all and thank you for being such good faithfulls.

Your Pope           
:iconvladmastersplz: Vlad Masters  




Heme aquí, su líder religioso Vlad Masters

Tuve una reunión con Hordaks-Pupil y VMenFangirl (mis seguidores principales, a mi servicio y al suyo también) y hemos acordado que dado que yo soy su amado líder y una de mis tareas es la de enseñarles cómo ser buenos fieles (y por lo tanto hacerme sentir orgulloso de ustedes), debería hacer un llamado a todos ustedes para un seminario muy especial:  

"Cómo usar correctamente tu capa malvada"

Uhm... el tema fué inspirado en esto:… ...ajem, sólo en caso de que fueran curiosos al respecto. (por supuesto no es su caso, yo lo sé).

El objetivo principal es alentarlos a que participen en él puesto que deseo mostrarles cuánto los quiero a todos ustedes por seguirme, mis queridos niños... y su entusiasmo será recompensado porque así de benevolente soy.

Así que ¿qué necesitan para atender este llamado apropiadamente?

Es bastante simple, sólo deben dejar un comentario en este journal con 3 pros y 3 contras que piensen que podría haber si usaran una capa (una malvada y asombrosa capa como la mía desde luego).

Las reglas:

- Deben ser 3 pros y 3 contras, no más no menos.
-Sólo una entrada por fiel así que sean sabios sobre lo que van a escribir
- No pueden copiar los pros/contras de otros fieles... ¡sean creativos, yo sé que lo pueden hacer!

¿Que haré para recompensarlos?

- Bien, dado que yo seré el anfitrión del seminario decidí que mostraré yo mismo algunos de esos pros y contras que podrían haber cuando usas una malvada y asombrosa capa como la mía... así que leeré todas sus sugerencias y con la ayuda de mis principales seguidores  (Hordaks-Pupil y VMenFangirl) y el resto de los co-administradores (si desean ayudar también) decidiré cuáles mostraré en persona durante el seminario (los 5 pros/cons más graciosos y creativos serán los ganadores). Pueden llamarlo un request gratis que VMenFangirl hará gustosa para ustedes, sólo porque soy así de grandioso y quiero esparcir algo de mis valiosas enseñanzas a más seguidores.

No sé si Hordaks-Pupil agregará algo más a la recompensa pero por ahora creo que eso es suficiente.

¿Cuándo recogeré las sugerencias para el seminario?

Les daré 3 días antes de que recoja todas sus sugerencias y tome mi decisión, eso quiere decir que el la convocatoria se cierra este sábado (3 de Agosto). Así que sean creativos queridos niños, y ¡háganme sentir orgulloso!

Eso es todo por el momento. Los bendigo y les agradezco por ser tan bueno fieles.

Su líder religioso           
:iconvladmastersplz: Vlad Masters  

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